C Clef Snap-Back

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The C Clef hat is definitely a simplistic design and should've been one of our first products! How we missed putting this clef on a hat is beyond me. This hat is intended to pair with the Cosmic Animal designs. Don't worry though, you can still mix it up with other designs!

Inspired by the song, "Moondance" by Nightwish, this hat is meant to capture that feeling of somewhere between rock and classical. Give it a listen if you're curious.


After you decide you like it, skate to it. Oh and wear this hat while you skate. In fact, listening to music and skating should just go without saying. Why are you still reading this? Listen to the music. Shame. 



  • 85% acrylic 15% wool 100% awesome
  • Structured, 6-panel, high-profile. You know, like every other hat in the world.
  • Plastic snap closure. That way you can make it fit better, or worse, we don't judge.
  • Head circumference: 22” - 24”

Customer Reviews

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All around good hat.

DJ Skate sent me a free hat asking me to review it, so just a disclaimer.

Graphic: 4/5 Stars

The graphic is my favorite of all the DJ Skate hats, which is why when they asked me to review a hat I chose this one. I absolutely love the forest green thread, but the white strip also helps the design not feel super plain. Also, as someone who plays the viola, this design spoke to me a bit more than the other two clefs do. I would proudly wear a hat like this into band class. Assuming I were still in high school.

Fit: 5/5 Stars

The hat fit perfectly without needing to adjust the snap. I also shared this hat with a few friends and they were able to get it to fit after loosening or tightening the snap. This hat seems like it will fit most people with an average size head. Maybe some of you out there have super large or super small heads though.

Durability: 4/5 Stars

After trying this hat out with a few friends, I decided I wanted to abuse it and see how much it could take before it was destroyed. I started by trying to bend the bill, which was quite easy to do. It goes back to flat from minor bends, but a bend with a lot of force will leave it misshapen. Probably not something anyone would ever do by mistake, but skaters do have some nasty falls.

After that, I left it out in the sun for a week. The color didn't sun bleach much, and it started to rain so I brought it back inside.

Finally, I started just scraping it against concrete. It took me about 30 minutes of intentional scraping to wear a hole in the hat. I don't know why this would ever happen to a normal hat, but I feel like it could've lasted longer.