The Best Music-Themed Clothing Company.

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Probably a bold claim, but I truly believe DJ Skate, is the world's greatest music-themed streetwear company. 

DJ Skate was founded sometime in the summer of 2017, actually initially with the goal of bringing self-expression to the world of skateboarding. If you've ever looked at skateboards, they just have some company logo and that's it. With the exception of pro-model decks, which cost a lot.

So they did just that, they created beautiful skateboard decks, and made them about as affordable as any other deck.

The first design ever was the Vinyl Deck, only $36.

DJ Skate Vinyl Deck

So you're probably wondering why clothes? How did that happen?

Simple, skaters need clothes too. The same exact issue comes up in skate clothing brands too. Companies just slap a logo on something and call it good. Although their logo is on everything, right over the heart, all the clothes have a musical story of expression behind them. 

Those stories come from more than just some nerdy kid sitting behind a computer too. The company consistently makes an effort to find artists around the world, and ask them to illustrate music.

Some artists are a bit brighter in design.

Cosmic Horse Shirt from DJ Skate

Some go a bit darker.

Jolly Roger Shirt

Some of the artists are decently known, some are just people like you who had a cool idea and asked the company to help bring it to life.

Great so graphic tees are everywhere what makes these ones special?

Simple answer to that question, they're designed for heavy use and wear. The shirts are literally twice as thick as your average shirt, so it can handle some heavy abuse before it even thinks about showing signs of wear. 

Unlike other graphic tees and streetwear companies that just use the cheapest available clothing.

Also, these designs are specifically made to be printed. I mean really look at this.

I defy you to say this is a stock photo. Defy I say.

Love Music Shirt from DJ Skate


So you get the concept of expression but what about the company itself?

Well, let's start with the best part. I kid you not, the CEO is named Dude Manville. No, he doesn't know where your car is, and he is actually older than that cult movie that I shall not name for copyright reasons.

He's nothing particularly impressive, just a small town kid with a dream to be honest. But he's pursuing that dream in this company every day, and that's admirable. 

So with his company and goal to normalize self-expression, the company is also bringing together a sense of community. Anyone and everyone wearing the logo would be more than happy to talk to you about whatever it is you're all about. Just say hi to them. They even have a tendency to connect customers to each other at various events or across social media. No joke, they'll just tag you randomly out of nowhere.

You're probably wondering why music?

Ever throw your headphones on and just try to disappear into your own thoughts and avoid the world. Music is like a universal language and we all love it. It helps us relax, it excites us, and it's always there no matter what mood or situation you're in. Is there any truer form of self-expression than listening to music? I'd argue that there is not.

Not here to beat a dead horse. The company is awesome. You should check them out.

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