The 3 Best Reasons to See Ayyootayy

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 His most popular song

I had the pleasure of going into VYBZ, a San Diego nightclub, for the R&B Night. There was a lot of fun throughout the night, dancing, music, funny host, getting accidentally elbowed in the ribs by that one guy who is blackout wasted ten minutes into the night. Standard club stuff! 

Also, the show was really fun. So I wanted to outline three reasons to see Ayyootayy.


Ayyootayy singing live at VYBZ


1: He'll have a drink with you

This is huge for me! I've seen so many artists that are too good to let you buy them a drink like they don't need your peasant money. Not our boy! He had, whatever that thing was called, and I had a coke.

After that, we had a few minutes to chat, and he introduced me to everyone he knew. It helps a lot when an artist like this is making sure you feel comfortable at their show. It's really hard to enjoy going out when you don't know anyone, and not knowing anyone makes things awkward.

He's easily approachable too, as I was not getting special treatment. He talked to everyone! Even random strangers, just to get to know them. Just shout a hello!


2: He was funny

You know how some artists just take it way too seriously and it's cringy and awkward? Yeah, that's like most of them.

Ayyootayy was super relaxed and comfortable during his performance. Even once sticking out his tongue to seemingly mock some girls that refused to enjoy the performance. Zero damns given to those haters.

Whether he knew everyone or not, it seemed like he talking to a group of friends and family, not singing in front of a bunch of random strangers. He was even unafraid to bust a move in front of the audience. I mean it was bad, and totally out of rhythm and beat, but it was one of those moments that helped him stay so grounded and relatable. 

We're actually trying to get the video of it.


3: He was happy

For real go to an open mic, every artist in there in depressed. They all sing about their pain and misery, and by the end of the night, you will feel depressed with them. We go to open mics just for the hope of running into random talent. 

During our guy's performance though, he kept the biggest smile. He decided to live in the moment, and not stay stuck in some frame of mind other than that. I'm sure as he develops as an artist we can expect to see this reflected in his music.

Even though the beat was your standard kick snare, these little things make a world of difference in how it is perceived.

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About our venue: VYBZ


VYBZ was just the standard club scene with a bar, private tables, music, mood lighting, and various memorabilia lying around. It is important to note that the event was for people twenty-one and up.


Our Host

Our host was amazing and interacting with the audience. He had jokes too, wish I caught his name. He'd shout out occasionally at people in the club telling them to smile, get off their phones, take their hands out of their pockets, stop slouching. Pretty sure everyone in there got roasted at one point or another. 

I was the guy he told to get their hands out of their pockets and dance by the way.


The Drinks

Unfortunately, I don't drink, or I'd tell you about them. The bartender makes a mean coke though.


The People


Talking about the people at a club is really iffy because you never know who's going to show up, so something to keep in mind.

I am really punctual and got there right around the time they opened, only to find I was not the first person there. A few groups that seemed like friends were hanging out in various spots of the place. Honestly, you could just walk up to these people and they would start talking to you like they've known you for years.

As the night got later more and more people started to roll in, and they started coming in tipsy. For some that made them easier to talk to, and for others not so much. I did leave before the night was over, early bedtime you understand, but the place was pretty full when I headed out.


To make a long story into a short one

Yes, you should go see Ayyootayy, specifically in person.



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