4 Songs to Cruise to with Jesse Evan

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4 Songs to Cruise to with Jesse Evan
Go ahead and click that play button while you read on!

This album we're listening to here is "Slow it Down" by Jesse Evan. It's a nice mellow collection of four songs. Sometimes it can certainly be nice to slow down our skating and enjoy what's around. That's why I titled this, "songs to cruise to." Probably not the best album if you're trying to get pumped and throw a sick laser flip down thirty-step.

The album is filled with gentle acoustics and a man with a voice comparable to Jack Johnson. Something that sounds like a gentle bass drum can be heard in the background keeping an iambic pentameter type rhythm, it's the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Jesse Evan is a local artist down here in beautiful sunny San Diego. I actually talked to him to learn more, but I'll throw that on at the end so we can get right into the music!

1: "Hanging Moon"

The first of the songs we'll be cruising to is "Hanging Moon" probably the most uptempo, fastest, of the four songs. Also, I'll be using these musical terms to show off my music knowledge. 

The song can completely be enjoyed for the tune. It's the kind of thing I'd imagine playing on an island resort, which makes sense since we are talking about San Diego. 

Like the rest of the album, "Hanging Moon" is very mellow with a strong presence acoustic. I think that's acoustic, might be electric. Also, a standard kick snare beat to keep tempo. As we start to get further into the song you can hear high note piano starting to play which, for me at least, made me smile instantly.

The song sings about imagining a life with a past loved one, and how revisiting past chapters of our lives can bring us great moments of happiness. 
I could go into detail and recite every lyric for you, but really you should give it a listen and enjoy the mellow beat.

2: "Say it All"

"Say it All" starts with gentle acoustic chucking, playing then immediately muting the strings. The song seems to use this to keep rhythm, in place of a drum. Shortly after some mellow bass notes play us a short melody, the single notes that sound really good, before going back into the rhythm of the guitar, where we spend most of our song. We do get to catch that nice bass melody a few more times though.

The tune alone is something I could very easily relax to while lying in bed, or weaving in-between the people on the pier. This is also the kind of thing I'd enjoy skating while cruising down a mellow slope.

That being said the real beauty of this song is in the lyrical, singing, perfection. The song seems to tell a story about someone who is struggling to let go of their emotions and irrational fears. Like they are procrastinating and struggling to share their feelings about something very important, with someone very important. 

In many ways, this is motivational to me, and others, as we have all held onto and kept something to ourselves until it was too late to figure it out. To quote our artist, you need to say what's on your mind, "...before it's too late..."

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3: "Slow it Down"

"Slow it Down" starts with a simple kick-snare beat and an acoustic rhythm. Also, it sprinkles in some nice electric melodies here and there, but few are loud enough to be noticeable compared to the rhythm.

This song is nice in the way it varies the tempo, musical speed, which is a nice change from the other songs being fairly steady. This is fun because you can feel the excitement and the relaxing rhythms as your heart beats faster and slower. If music were a drug, which it is, this song would be the good stuff the dealer keeps for themselves.

The singer reminds us that the world is a busy place, and we need to take time to ourselves to slow down and keep a level head. They do this by telling us a story of a special person that they enjoy just spending there time with. Even specifically talking about how they would watch the clouds float overhead. I think we all need someone to be in this way. As our escape from reality.

If you have that someone, grab a speaker and enjoy a ride with them. Also, the varying tempo creates a song that is in many ways easy to dance to. Looking at you guys riding your longboards over there. 

This song is my favorite of the four by the way.

Unfortunately, our song seems to end a little abruptly. This is all that much more painful because I wanted it to last forever. Luckily there is one last song here in our list.

4: "Don't Really Mind"

"Don't Really Mind" opens with a bright and happy sounding acoustic right off the bat. The instrumental is nothing particularly special as it is our standard rhythm with the high notes of an electric melody. It's a nice melody, but what we can really appreciate the harmonization of this song! 

The harmony is the way the singer manages to sing in notes that compliment the instruments. This here shows us just how talented our singer is, as very few singers can successfully do this. I mean most of those famous singers just use auto-tune, and they still can't do this.

The song itself seems to be about how being in the right environment can help us let go of the pressures we feel, but also has a strong nod to how our singer enjoys passing time thinking about their loved one.

This song is nice and short which makes it a good ending piece. As soon as it comes on you can know that we've got two minutes left to wrap up your skating. Use your two minutes to cool down, relax, and as the song comes to a close just stop and enjoy life. Now after this, you should feel calmer and relaxed. Great time to get back to pumping it up to laser flip that thirty-stair.

Let's talk about our artist.

As mentioned earlier I spoke with Jesse and of course, I wanted to know more. So I asked him some questions.

This all sounds really great! Do you play this all on your own or is there a band?

"It’s just me as of now. I wish I could find like minded [sic] people to jam with, but I have yet to find them."

So how do you get all the instruments synced up then?

"I use Garage Band on my Mac, an audio interface, a mic, and record one thing at a time and just layer them over each other."

That must take a long time. It's always good to see someone dedicated though. Speaking of which, what motivates you to play? I mean I have some guesses, but I'd like your thoughts.

"Thanks. Haha yeah of course [sic] women have been an inspiration, one in particular now that I have a girlfriend. Besides that, I feel that when the day is over, there is still a good portion of yourself that has gone unexpressed. I try to extract these remnants and compile them into a song that I feel might resonate with someone."

I completely understand feeling like we don't get to completely express ourselves. That's actually a huge part of why DJ Skate was started, and what we aim to do with our clothes. Is that relatively recent for you? I noticed you only have four songs but you must've been playing longer.

"Yeah I feel it’s a common thing, and we get that out with music, cooking, art, you know, left side [sic] of the brain stuff. I feel that with your brand, it’s forward thinking and your own touch. As for the music, the recording is definitely recent. I’ve been playing guitar for 13 years now though. I’ve always played other people’s music and always got asked if I had any originals. The idea seemed very foreign but I thought I’d give it a shot. You can only play cover songs for so long."

So then are these your first original songs?

"Yep, first four!"

Well, I expect to see great things from you in the future then. You definitely have my attention! Now for everyone reading this that wants to keep up, where can they find you?

"Thanks [sic] I do for your brand too! You can find me on Bandcamp or at a local brewery in San Diego some nights!"

Any plans to use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or anything else? 

"I’ve never thought of an Instagram for music, but since you mentioned it I’ll make one this week. Good idea DJSkate."

So I'll link to all your pages, both at the top and bottom of the article. I think I'm about out of questions. Anything you want to share?

"Thank you for your time! Yes, try something new in life. Even if you suck, give it a shot. Who gives a **** anyways?"

If you got this far and enjoy this artist you should consider supporting his work.


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